We often receive many requests for small projects such as, for example, to get the best distribution for a room, select pieces of furniture or decoration, design tailor-made furniture, get help with technical lighting, advice for the selection of paints, wallpapers or materials and many more.

Although KINZE STUDIO specializes in full renovations projects, we also enjoy focusing on smaller but equally important and special projects.

For this simple reason, ONE HOUR WITH KINZE is born, so we can solve all your doubts and questions in an easy, effective and very efficient way, putting all our experience at your service.


Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 160€ (VAT included)

If you doubt whether this service is suitable for you, contact us at and we will clarify your doubts, without any obligations, before you make any booking.

What does the service involve?

ONE HOUR WITH KINZE consists of 60 minutes of private consulting via a videoconference, where you can utilize our experience to help you solve all your doubts.

For an hour, you will be able to share your questions and we will guide you in all the areas you need advice with. After finalizing the session, you will receive all the information in your email within 48 hours.

How can we help you?

– Advice and resolution of doubts about distribution aspects of your home or commercial property. Making the most of the spaces, for example, how would it be if I join the living room and the kitchen, can I integrate a dressing room in my bedroom, how to get more out of the square meters of my bathroom, etc.

– Advice for the selection of furniture and decoration of individual rooms, for example, a children’s bedroom, the entryway of your home, the dining room or the living room. We will look for pieces that suit your space and budget, help you select wallpapers, paint and textiles.

– Furniture sizing, so that you can purchase furniture with confidence, without doubts about whether you are making the best decision.

– Tailor-made furniture design Do you have an idea of what you are looking for, but you doubt about the perfect measurements and materials? We create your tailor-made design in real time and will advise you on material selection and execution, so you can manage the process yourself.

– Professional advice on any specific topic regarding the future purchase or renovation of your home. If you have any doubts before taking the step, we will solve them for you so you can make the best decision.

– Advice on lighting and electricity, how to distribute your technical lighting, and selection of technical and decorative lighting. .

How does it work?

Choose a date and book your spot. You will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information.

On the day of the appointment, you will receive an email with a Google Meets link to join the meeting. For one hour we will share our screen with you so we can draw, send images, links to products, photos and everything we need.

How do I prepare for the meeting?

When making your booking, you will be able to add comments and details about what we will be discussing. We will then ask you to send an email to to provide us with more detailed information. We advise you prepare a list with questions, attach sketch plans with measurements, photos or videos of the space we will be discussing.

The more information we have, the most we will make of the time we spend with you!

Anything else?

Once you have booked your timeslot, and provided us with all the information, all you need to do is enter the videocall through your computer or tablet on the agreed day and time!

Who is this service intended for?

This service is intended for those who do not have a full renovation in mind, but still would like to have Kinze results, have our professional opinion on a specific topic and this way feel confident to take on any project with confidence and guaranteed success